A house full of history on Jones StreetThis wee Village house was built in the late nineteenth-century on a one-block Village street.  Rose Wilder, daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder, lived here during World War I with her friend, Berta; we hear they ran a rooming house here themselves!  When Berta's beloved, Elmer, came back from the war, he lived here with them for a little while before moving up to to create some of the most amazing children's books you'll ever see.  

And just a few doors down from your window, in 1963, Bob Dylan took that famous walk with Suze Rotolo for the cover of Freewheelin', Inside, you’ll find some period details, some original, in the house.  We peeled away the recent past to try to let the house’s historical spirit shine through again. Further period restorations are in the works!

The first and second floors are guest apartments; the owners live on floors three and four under that sweetly-steep pitched roof.   We are a 2-family, owner-occupied, class B building with a history of short-term stays; we are not a Class A multiple-dwelling building. 

Jones Street hasn’t changed so much since the house was built; though you can see from tax photos that many of the ground floor apartments of the buildings on Jones today were once tiny shops.  Now Jones Street is a quiet neighborhoody street with just a few shops (including the famous and wonderful Florence Butcher Shop) and a couple of restaurants, hidden from the hustle and bustle of West Fourth and Bleecker, which border it on the north and south.  


Jones Street

Just west of Seventh Avenue, just north of Bleecker Street.


Nearby Subway Lines

1 train at Christopher

A,C, E or B/D/F/M at West 4th

Both are about just over a block away in either direction.


FAvorite Nearby Shops

- Murray's Cheese

- Florence Meat Market

- Faicco's

- Ottomanelli's

- Perilla Restaurant

- Cones Gelato